February 7, 2017

Consumer VPN

If you’re concerned about your home/personal Internet usage being monitored or perhaps you’re tired of continually being blocked from utilising international streaming and shoppping sites or maybe you would simply like to maintain your privacy on the internet, you require what is known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

What exactly is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates an encrypted connection between yourself and a secure/private server over the internet.

Specifically, with a VPN connection, all of your traffic between your computer and the VPN server is automatically encrypted so anyone who tries to view your traffic will only see unintelligible text, numbers and symbols.

The illustration below explains this concept:

VPN Diagram

VPN Diagram

VPN Explained:

In the top half of the diagram, we see 2 users (Alice and Bob), who are using their devices to access an internet page. Given that there is no use of an encrypted VPN application, all of the information sent/received can be easily read and intercepted by the ISP. This is typical internet usage for most people.

In the bottom half of the diagram, we see the same 2 users have now installed a VPN application on their device and as a result, they have established an encrypted channel with a VPN server resulting in that their ISP can now no longer read/monitor what site(s) they visit.

  1. In the case of Alice, she is visiting a web site that enforces Secure HTTP (i.e. a webpage beginning with https) thus ensuring her entire VPN communication channel is fully encrypted.
  2. In the case of Bob, Bob is currently not visiting a web page that enforces Secure HTTP (i.e. a webpage beginning with http) but is still protected from his ISP as the encrypted channel to the VPN is established.

NOTE: Most well known websites and services have converted to the use of Secure HTTP (i.e. a webpage beginning with https) so Bob’s example will no longer apply in the near future.

What does a VPN allow me to actually do? i.e. What can Alice or Bob now do with a VPN?

Like Alice or Bob, on a personal laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, it will allow yourself to do the following safely and securely:

  1. Encrypts your internet connection to ensure hackers, governments or other agencies cannot snoop on your Internet usage.
  2. Use that free WI-FI offered in your local cafe, shopping centre, hotels and airports etc.
  3. Bypass local or regional restrictions to access any international services and/or, shopping sites directly. (Great for saving money)
  4. Continue to use your favourite torrent application for legal torrents*.
  5. Provide a way to assist in bypassing Internet filters or tight firewall rules imposed by ISP’s or countries such as China and UAE etc. (This is handy if you’re travelling abroad).

*NOTE: Cubitech Consulting or our associated services/products do not support illegal downloading of any form.

Do you provide a VPN solution?

Yes. We have established a robust VPN solutions via Smooth VPN ( URL: https://www.smoothvpn.com.au ) that:

  1. is reliable and affordable.
  2. offers simple and easy to understand subscription plans (monthly, quarterly & yearly).
  3. installation instructions are very easy to follow.
  4. Offers a free trial period.


The Cubitech Consulting Team